About us


"Shaki Ltd." has extensive experience in production of ornamental seedlings, ornamental shrubs, park trees, Thuja, roses and cypresses. We have entirely its own production, characterized by high quality, rich variety of species and competitive prices. Production base - 80 acres. Design and implementation of landscaping projects in the private, municipal and public sector, private yards, public parks, restaurants, hotels, banks and others.


  • History and Team

"Shaki Ltd." is a company with history and this obliges us to prove herself every day, with each new project and execution. We are obliged to develop and look for new opportunities and modern technology for the realization of parks and gardens and interior spaces. In this regard we communicate and collaborate with many European companies, most of which today are our partners. One of the most important factors for the success of a company is a good team. It depends on the final resultant forever an object. We employ experts in landscape architecture, agronomists, lesoinzheneri, specialists in irrigation systems, economists, as well as seasonal workers for park construction and park maintenance.



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