• Action

The activity of "Shaki" covers all processes associated with the design, construction and maintenance of parks and gardens, including igrazhdane of irrigation systems. We comply fully with the requirements and budget of our clients and on that basis develop their ideas. In order for the outcome to be sustainable over time, we offer various opportunities for maintenance of green areas.




Landscape design is extremely important workflow. In the development of landscape design we put a lot of talent and positive energy, creating beauty that you enjoyed for many years. In our busy schedules, green space is one key element that brings inner harmony and spiritual mir.Sazertsanieto a single green plant is able to overcome the accumulated narrowing and regain our inner balance. More and more people spend time and money to create their own green space. More and more investors are convinced that money in landscaping return repeatedly. To landscaping professionally implemented and bring the desired effect must start by establishing landscape projects. Just so you will get an idea about the situation of individual zones, optimal placement of links and communications compositional distribution of vegetation.



  • Workflow

Our first meeting with you, start by clarifying your needs, requirements and preferences. Advice that will give during this stage of work will help to clarify the overall concept of your landscape design. Sometimes it is not always possible to implement all the ideas, but when things are carefully considered, you may have a basis to undergo further development. So it is important to have fully developed and detailed design. This will save time and errors in implementation of the project. In designing landscape architects involved with practical work in full capacity. The projects are developed on the technical design and contain ideological decision dendrology project tracing drawing and 3D visualization. We get a project that will serve not only to issue a building permit but will be fully implemented in accordance with your wishes, conditions of the terrain and microclimate conditions. 3D visualizations from different perspectives will give you the full picture might look like your green space.