Interior Landscaping

  • Interior landscaping


    Interior landscaping is used in each area brings variety and aesthetics in every room. An interior design requirements have made quality are: understanding the needs of the plants, taking into account the capabilities of the premises, as well as compliance with the client's budget and its views.

    Live plants in your home and office charge us with positive energy and good spirits, refresh and adorn the interior. The colored compositions are extraordinarily diverse - from miniature on a table or desk to spatial compositions of winter gardens. Vibrant flowers create energy "yang" - active energy, so it is recommended to have much in the bedroom. According to feng shui plants refer to the verse of the tree which symbolizes growth, creativity and forward movement. The best location of flowers to the north, east or south with a view to relaunching the positive energy in these areas for health, prosperity and luck.

    Feng Shui, it is an art devoted to harmony, so do not overdo the activation of certain areas and suppression of others. All your actions should be gradual and mostly related to your intuition and inner attitude.
    Take care with love for your flowers and they will repay

    Even the best project implemented in the best way would be just a waste of time and money if you do not perform proper maintenance and plant protection. Once admitted affecting the appearance of the interior vegetation adjust much more difficult and requires additional funds. That's why we offer an annual subscription service for maintenance of interior plants, which includes all or part of the following events below - according to the individual needs of your site. This way you can be sure that your interior vegetation will look as good as at the beginning.